What Is Bioresonance Analysis of Health?

Bio-resonance analysis of health is an evaluation method that was developed by Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, M.D. and relies on multiple healing principles including concepts taken from modern quantum physics.. The B.A.H. system is an inclusive diagnostic and evaluation system that can examine the health of a patient and can quickly identify areas of dysfunction which are of high priority to the health of the system. The identification of these dysfunctions can help the patient receive more specific holistic medical treatment with targeted focus on high priority areas of dysfunction.

How Can Bioresonance Analysis of Health Help You?

Bioresonance testing in San Antonio offers numerous benefits to patients. Discovery of the most pertinent areas needing help, highly specific treatment protocols and greater attention to underlying root causes of a wide variety of health conditions.

This approach involves the use of both conventional and holistic medicine concepts and approaches, along with advanced principles to create a blend of both to effectively identify and specifically target important, high priority areas of bodily ailments.

Unlike traditional medical treatments, which focus primarily on the specific diagnosis and not the total picture of the patient, (of which diagnosis is only a part) , this therapy focuses on the individual and creates a combination of holistic and traditional medicine treatments tailored with the intention to impart the best possible outcome to the patient.