Bioresonance Analysis

Bioresonance Analysis

What is B.A.H?

Bioresonance Analysis of Health (or B.A.H.) is an advanced diagnostic and evaluation method developed by Thomas K. Szulc, MD. This multi-faceted comprehensive system is used to evaluate all aspects of a patient’s health, identifying high priority areas of dysfunction and underlying causes from an integrative/holistic perspective. The outcome is the creation of a unique program of treatment that best suits the individual patient, specific to their present state of dysfunction. The B.A.H. technique, along with a standard medical evaluation, helps Dr. Esquivel more accurately determine what medicines, supplements, remedies, and procedures will be most effective in the holistic treatment of any individual patient. This highly sophisticated system also allows for great detail – from dosage to duration, and evaluates numerous integrative, conventional, and advanced modalities and disciplines, piecing them together with great simplicity.

An introduction to the most comprehensive diagnostic and evaluation system of the 21st century – Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.). Complete patient evaluation + personalized programs of treatment. “Each patient is a unique, individual human being with incredible abilities to heal…medicine needs to acknowledge this – and B.A.H. is the key.”

Basis of Creation

  • We are living in an age of complex chronic ailments.
  • Blanket protocols are remnants of an obsolete Newtonian based approach to life.
  • Each patient is unique; pathogens, genes, gene expressions, toxic exposures, environmental aggressors, and even past emotional traumas are constituents that make up a patient and determine his / her condition.
  • Any treatment regimen that fails to take a patient’s uniqueness into account can only yield generic, suboptimal outcomes.
  • The key, in 1 word, is specificity.
  • Drawing on 20 years of research, 5 years of trials, and the past 100 years of award winning scientific discoveries in such fields as quantum mechanics, B.A.H. is at the cutting edge of available techniques to help integrative/holistic physicians understand the specific, underlying dysfunctions that perpetuate a given health condition.

Evaluation + Treatment

Conventional biochemical markers and diagnostic results only provide a small picture of what’s really going on in a patient. To eliminate all sources of disease and restore health, one must locate these dysfunctions on all levels: whether physical / biochemical, mental / emotional, and spiritual. In Dr. Esquivel’s office, Bioresonance Analysis of Health is utilized to locate the most critical dysfunctions on these multiple levels, and does so in a methodical and efficient manner. Better yet, results are generally shared with the patient within a few days. No long waits for laboratory tests. After a comprehensive evaluation of health is performed, utilizing the combined range of conventional and integrative/holistic medicine methods, a personalized program of treatment is established. With the Bioresonance Analysis of Health system, all different modalities – from allopathic to emotional, from surgery to energy balancing – are taken into consideration. In this manner, the practitioner is not deciding what he or she believes is best for the patient based on his or her experience and knowledge, rather the patient’s unique circumstances and needs dictate the therapy that will best suit them and take into account all viable options.

Listen to Dr. Esquivel’s discussion regarding his experiences with the B.A.H. technique.

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