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Complete Your Quest for Health with Functional Medicine

Many patients are now seeking alternate medical treatments for better healthcare. Functional medicine in San Antonio provides a holistic approach to wellness, wherein apart from physical wellbeing, treatment is also given on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This treatment relies on the fact that each individual is different and has a distinct biochemistry. Depending on the lifestyle and needs of an individual, a proper treatment plan is chalked out for better recovery. Since the treatments are personalized, patients also play an integral role in treatment and sometimes, they need to make radical changes in their diet or lifestyle for better effect.

Functional Medicine Vs. Conventional Treatments

Conventional treatments are based on various organs and diseases that relate to each organ like cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, etc. However, each individual is made of intricate networks of the mind and body which constantly connect with each other. The name of the disease does not matter as much as the cause. So a psychiatrist may not be able to resolve depression that has been caused due to hormonal imbalance. But in functional medicine, illnesses are not compartmentalized and they try to find the underlying cause of the illness, irrespective of the body part it is affecting.

Healing Chronic Diseases

Many patients find that conventional treatments are not as effective in treating chronic diseases. Functional medicine in San Antonio pays a lot of attention to individual causes and symptoms and finds solutions that work on a mental and emotional level to help treat patients with chronic diseases.

Functional medicine is considered the medicine of the future as it holds the key to resolve modern health challenges, where conventional medicine tends to fall back. In order to achieve optimum health, functional medicine can be integrated with conventional medicine for best healthcare solutions.

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