The boat represents your health and the water coming in represents all of your symptoms and problems you are seeking relief from.

I could simply give you a bucket so you could start bailing water out of your boat; I might even be able to give you one of those gas powered bailers the Coast Guard uses to do it “turbo style”. In either case, you will stop sinking; you will actually start feeling better. But you better keep bailing!

Obviously the better thing to do is to patch the boat. Mend the areas of leakage so you don’t have to bail so hard or bail at all, preferably.

This is the difference between relieving symptoms and resolving underlying causes. Many times, people have been bailing for a long while on their own and are really tired and are on the brink of sinking, so it’s not surprising that they just want some relief . . . ANY relief, and as soon as possible.

Many times, people in this state just cannot see the immediate value in searching for the cause, particularly if it means taking more time and potentially having to deal with ongoing symptoms a bit longer. I find though, once symptoms are stabilized that most people really want to try to find a more permanent fix and not just symptom control.

Finding health leaks can be challenging and time consuming, but in the end provides the more satisfactory result.

Bio resonance analysis of health is a unique method of evaluating the “leaks” in your boat as well as the part of the iceberg under the waterline. It helps me determine what might be the best type of treatment for your unique situation.

I am now evaluating all my new patients using this method of evaluation in addition to my standard medical examination. I find that it gives me a unique perspective to their problems and the ability to individualize care even more so than I have been able to do in the past.

Follow this link to learn more about Bio resonance analysis of health and how it may help you with any health concern you may have.