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Everything You Want to Know About Homotoxicology

Homotoxicology also referred to as modern homeopathy can be explained by the science of toxins. It is the result of the integration of basic medical science with the principles of homeopathy San Antonio treatment. Read on to unveil some exciting facts about homo toxicology.

What is the fundamental principle of homo toxicology?

Homotoxicology is based on the theory that the severity and the duration of a disease or a disorder depend on some toxins and its level above the ability of the body to detoxify. The toxins in the body must be indeed expelled out at the right time. But when they stay back, the impact is clearly seen along different health aspects. Homotoxicology focuses on removing the toxins in a particular hierarchy.

Does homo toxicology find a place in holistic healing?

A holistic specialist San Antonio would certainly recommend homo toxicology and would focus on therapeutic objectives like detoxification and regeneration of the organic systems and prevention of illness. The treatment is considered as a part of holistic healing because it helps the body to self-heal and the focus in on lasting rather than on immediate changes.

What are these toxins or hemotoxins present in the human body?

Toxins build up in the body with time. Some of the common toxins that reach the human body are the mercury tooth fillings, microorganisms from an unhealthy diet, pesticides, deposition of substances from air and water pollution and so on. The therapist focuses on administering natural preparations to remove these toxins and combines the course of medicine with appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes.

The body has a certain capacity to expel its toxins. But when the path for expulsion is blocked, trouble sets in.

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