Unlike other approaches, which aim to simply treat symptoms of problems without delving into deeper root causes, holistic medicine provides healing to the entire person. The main goal of holistic medicine is to attain a state of optimal wellness and health at its most fundamental or “root” cause.

What Is Holistic Medicine?
The concept of holistic medicine focuses on the whole person and not just the problem or disease. The diverse field of holistic medicine, as well as holistic doctors in San Antonio and other places, look into the complete emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of a person to diagnose the problem. People suffering from migraines for example will have everything from their diet to their daily habits looked into by an examiner rather than just being given medicine to treat the symptoms.

Forms of Holistic Medicine
Just like traditional medical treatments, holistic medicine consists of several different techniques or forms: homeopathic, nutritional, energetic, emotional and other naturopathic approaches.

Homeopathic medicine in San Antonio, TX, is widely available and mainly deals with remedies made from mineral, animal, and plant substances. Created with natural ingredients, homeopathy is an old established method which is once again slowly gaining acceptance as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Approaches such as prescribing particular diets or individualized supplementation programs are part of the nutritional approach.

Methods such as acupuncture, magnetic field therapy or sound frequency therapy are a few of several forms of “energy” therapy.

Naturopathy, on the other hand, deals with imparting treatment with the help of an even wider variety of natural methods.

Holistic medical treatments are fast growing in the Western world as an alternative to traditional medical treatments and aim to solve medical problems by integrating the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of a person. Due to this, all holistic treatments are customized for different individuals, as no one treatment will fit the needs of every person.