Functional medicine is an integrated medical approach that often involves holistic therapy San Antonio or alternative medicines. Through the functional medicine approach, specialists understand the unique biochemical aspects of a particular patient and offer customized treatment plans.

The five principles of the approach are stated below:

  • To start with, good health is not just about the absence of illness but the overall well-being of the individual. A healthy person is physically and psychologically sound.
  • Functional medicine is based on science. Research has proved that any change to our well-being is brought through a well-connected network of relationships. Functional medicine focuses on understanding these relationships and looks deeper into the human body.
  • Functional Medicine is often recognized for the emphasis it lays on the uniqueness of every individual. While formulating the treatment plan, the genetics, biochemical aspects, environmental conditions and general health of the individual are examined specifically. Clearly, this indicates that functional medicine is not a disease based approach but rather patient-specific.
  • Functional medicine does not work by attacking the illness or disorder directly. Instead, it taps into the ability of the body to self-heal. The standard healing mechanism of the human body is supported and pushed to move towards healthier lifestyle practices.
  • The balance of all bodily systems in an individual indicates the ability of the body to self-regulate. Functional medicine will focus on equipping the body with the steady ability to intelligibly balance out the systems. This is turn assures good overall health.

The principles of functional medicine focus on how the approach works on patients and how the customized treatment plan can bring about a complete change in the human body.