While general medicine is practiced by giving similar medicines to similar symptoms or diseases, homeopathy treats individuals by understanding their unique symptoms and causes and treating them differently. Everyone is different and thus, everyone deserves different treatment. This is what makes homeopathy in San Antonio stand out from regular healthcare.

Different Symptoms and Causes

If three people are diagnosed with hay fever, it may be rare that all three are experiencing similar symptoms or all three have caught it in the same way. While someone may have a running nose, one may have itchy and sore eyes and someone may sneeze a lot. All these three patients also may have different causes of the disease. Someone may have it after a flu vaccine, one may have it from their children or someone may have a viral fever. With varied symptoms and causes, it is not possible to cure patients using the same medicine. Medicines can suppress your symptoms and your immune system at the same time. But they don’t bring about lasting health.

Different Medication

On the other hand, homeopathic medicine works by strengthening your immune system. Thus, it has a better effect on healing you. Doctors who practice homeopathy will note your entire history and symptoms and give medicines that are apt for your individual needs only. This helps to start effective healing and ultimately increases your energy levels as well. You will notice that you have the motivation and strength to tackle the tasks you have kept pending for years. That’s the power of inner healing.

Homeopathy treatments may take longer to cure but you can be assured that they don’t supress your immune system but actually strengthen them. It will take time to get them back up but it will be worth the wait.

Happy Healing!