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What is it? The injection of a person’s own blood, back to them either directly as an intramuscular or subcutaneous shot or after treatment with ozone.

How does it work? Historical accounts seem to indicate that the more modern renditions of autohemotherapy (AHT) originated around the time of the First World War as a means of treating infections. Around the 1940’s early understandings of immunology were developing and subsequent research indicated that AHT provoked an increase in the number of circulating macrophages ; the immune cells that devour and destroy foreign particles like bacteria and viruses as well as other noxious substances in the blood and tissues. Currently this is believed to be AHT’s primary mechanism and seems to account for its benefit in treating infections, clearing auto antibodies and other excessive, foreign, inflammatory or otherwise unhealthy substances.

How is it performed? Three techniques are noted. One is what appears to be the “original” form of AHT which simply involves drawing 5 to 10 cc of blood from a patient and then directly injecting this same sample intramuscularly. This technique is very popular in Brazil, where it seems to have a very strong following.

Another technique is noted by a Mexican physician, Dr. Eduardo Fortoul. In this technique, a sample of the patient’s blood is mixed in a sterile saline solution. From this mixture, small injections are given on a daily basis under the skin.

Mixture of the blood sample with ozone is yet another method which actually makes it more of an “oxidative” therapy. The terms “major” or “minor” autohemotherapy are used to distinguish either intramuscular or intravenous reinjection techniques.

The frequency and total number of injections seems to vary widely and apparently is dependent on what is being treated. The traditional Brazilian method is repeated every 7 days as studies indicated the effect of increasing macrophage production wanes at that time.

What is it good for? Reports of benefits for a wide variety of skin conditions, allergic conditions, autoimmune conditions and infectious conditions are noted. A much broader potential of use is touted by some practitioners.

As a non-specific means of naturally boosting the immune system this technique could prove to be the most effective, least harmful and most cost effective means of naturally clearing foreign and other potentially harmful antigens and auto antibodies from the body.

I am presently evaluating this interesting and obviously potentially controversial form of therapy at this time.

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