Male Plus Regenerative Medicine Program

Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program

Discover What Every Mature Man Should Know About Building And Maintaining A Lifetime Of Vitality, Potency & Vigor


Attention: Men Over 40 Interested In Avoiding Age Related Disease, Sexual Problems, 
           Hormone Deficiencies And More:


“Who Else Wants The Chance To Overcome EVERY Hurdle That’s Standing Between You And Peak Physical & Sexual Health?”


As A Carded Member Of The Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program Enjoy Unlimited Access To The Following Benefits


Cardio & Diabetes Risk Reduction

Comprehensive Hormone Balancing

Comprehensive E.D. Reversal Therapies

Weight Loss & Fitness Guidance

Nutritional Testing & Discounted Supplements

Drug-free Treatment Options

Unlimited Doctor Visits

And Much, Much More!


If you’ve always wanted to take control of your aging and be proactive about your health so you could:


  • avoid age related diseases like heart attacks, strokes and diabetes,

  • rejuvenate your body,

  • sharpen your mind and

  • achieve the health & fitness goals you’ve always dreamed of…


… But you’re tired of struggling alone, not making ANY progress, due to the lack of:


  • a credible source of information,

  • an experienced physician who can guide you,

  • or a reasonably priced solution,

then pay close attention:


Because we’re currently accepting new members to the Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program:

A private, members only health & wellness medical practice designed solely for the needs of mature men to…


  • Turbo charge their health

  • Reduce disease risk factors

  • Increase Energy & Stamina

  • Improve Mental Clarity & Sharpness

  • Enhance Sexual Potency

  • Balance Hormones

  • Achieve Ideal Weight & Fitness Goals

  • In a nut-shell – To Optimize & Enhance How Men Look, Feel & Function


… Providing you with all the one-on-one professional direction, specialized testing and cutting edge treatments you need to achieve Optimum Vitality, Potency and Vigor.



Just Imagine…

Life When You’re On Top Of Your Health Game:


Business/Money/Wealth Benefits

  • Reduced healthcare expenditures
  • Longer working/earning capacity
  • More enjoyment at work
  • Greater productivity
  • Better thought out business decisions
  • Greater chance of advancement


Relationships/Family Benefits

  • More physically active with family outings
  • Less family stress/better communication
  • Happier, more loving attitude
  • Stronger family bonding
  • More family love and contentment
  • Stronger relationship with spouse


Personal Growth/Insight Benefits

  • Greater personal happiness
  • Greater sense of connection to others
  • Feeling more relevant
  • Greater sense of personal freedom
  • Feel like you are moving forward in life again
  • No longer feeling stagnant


Other Health/Wellness Benefits

  • Enjoy being more physically active
  • Fewer/No physical limitations
  • Do/finish those projects you’ve wanted to get around to
  • Avoid unnecessary Rx meds (and their side effects)



A Snapshot Of Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program Members…
Are YOU A Good Fit?


Members of the Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program are typically men who are passionate about being fully engaged with life:


  • with their families and relationships
  • with their business and/or profession
  • with their faith community
  • with their hobbies
  • with their life goals!


They are men who are not content to sit on the sidelines, but instead understand the priceless value of achieving and maintaining optimum health.


They understand how maintaining optimum health keeps them “in the game”.


They understand that this gives them the ability to:


  • enthusiastically meet life’s challenges
  • become more productive
  • have greater involvement with those that mean the most.


These are Men who understand that the quality of their life is proportional to the quality of their efforts.


And they’re men who fit this profile:


  • Age 40+
  • Go-getter
  • Committed to making positive changes in their life
  • Take responsibility for themselves
  • Not into micro-management
  • Able to see the big picture and willing to work toward it
  • Action takers
  • Optimistic


These are NOT men who:


  • Are below the age of 40
  • Need to be pushed into action
  • Luke warm about making positive changes in their life
  • Blame others for their problems
  • Over analyze and get hung up on tiny details
  • Doubtful and hesitant to move forward
  • Wait for things to happen
  • Pessimistic


So if you’re a Man of Action, and NOT a Wait-Around-And-See type of guy…


… And if you’re a forward-thinker who understands the value of belonging to a community of like-minded men working toward a common purpose,


you may be well suited for a membership with the Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program.



Your Membership Privileges Explained


When you become a member of the Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program, you’ll have unlimited access to all of the following:



  • Doctor Office Visits – whether for a comprehensive assessment or a simple follow up, we will assess your concerns, order appropriate lab and suggest a specific treatment plan with ample time for questions.

  • Virtual Doctor Visits – great for those times you just can’t make it to the office, this secured video conference option is the perfect solution.

  • Email Support – for those minor quick questions or concerns.

Cutting Edge In-house Medical Procedures

  • Shockwave Therapy for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease.

  • Priapus Shot for erectile dysfunction, penile enhancement and Peyronie’s disease.

  • Testosterone Pellet Implants; for hassle free management of Low T.

  • Cryotherapy; to remove benign skin tags, growths and blemishes.

  • Intravenous and intramuscular vitamin/nutrient infusions; to enhance general health, recover from minor illness or stress and support fitness goals.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Joint Injections (elbow, shoulder or knee) to relieve inflammation and encourage repair.

  • PRP Scar Reduction injections to reduce the appearance of surgical or traumatic scars naturally.

  • “Bro-tox”; Male-Centric Botox™ Injections to reduce that “tired, angry-old-man” look.

  • Facial Peels; to gently enhance facial skin tone, texture and fullness.

  • Facial Microneedle with or without PRP; a more assertive method to enhance facial skin tone, texture and promote collagen production.

  • PRP Scalp Treatments for Hair Regrowth; part of a comprehensive approach to encourage hair regrowth and thickening.

Non-medical, Holistic therapies to help you relax, get centered and relieve inflammation

  • Bio-mat; emits far infra-red heat and negative ions.  Helpful in relieving pain and stiffness due to muscular strain, inflammation or arthritis.  Also very relaxing.

  • Magnetic Field Therapy; improves local circulation, also helpful for muscle and joint problems, relaxing and centering.  Does not emit heat.

  • UrielTones Sound Therapy; DEEPLY relaxing and centering.  Great for general relaxation, insomnia, chronic tension/stress, jet lag, sensitivity to EMF.

Discounts for Additional Supplies & Services

  • Discounted pricing for supplies and medications incidental to certain procedures.

  • Discounted pricing for standard medical lab if paying by cash and using our preferred lab.

Specialized Laboratory Testing

Access to a world of various Functional Medicine labs at discounted cash pricing.  Here is a sampling of just a few of the most commonly ordered tests:
  • SpectraCell Micronutrient testing; to assess your individual need for A-to-Z vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and specific amino acids.

  • SpectraCell Cardio-metabolic panel: more comprehensive than a standard lipid panel, looks much closer into blood lipid, inflammatory and blood sugar metabolism.  Also assesses omega-3 sufficiency.

  • SpectraCell Inflammatory Panel – assesses markers of systemic inflammation, the leading trigger for heart attacks and stroke.

  • SpectraCell Hormone Panel; a comprehensive assessment of testosterone, adrenal and growth hormone sufficiency.  Used both to diagnose and follow treatments of hormone replacement.

  • D.U.T.C.H. adrenal panel; to explore adrenal function; a common problem area caused by chronic stress.

  • D.U.T.C.H. complete hormone panel; a urinary metabolite test that exposes underlying subtle imbalances (like excessive estrogen, metabolites that worsen hair thinning and prostate issues) that cannot be as easily determined by blood testing.

  • GI Maps testing; a genetic marker test from a stool sample that evaluates digestive tract function, microbial balance, inflammation and infection.

  • Hair mineral & heavy metal analysis; provides a unique snap shot of mineral markers relating to energy metabolism, glandular function as well as toxic heavy metal load.

  • And many, many more are available!

Free or Low Fee Services & Events 

(Coming Soon! Anticipated summer 2018 when we move to a new, larger location.)

  • Free Chair Massage Day; relax and de-stress with a good massage

  • Free Group Acupuncture Day; treating a menu of conditions in a group setting.

  • Healthy Cooking Demos; the best chefs are men, you know!  (Ok ladies, just joking!)

  • And other “Members Only” special events.


As you can see, everything you need to achieve and maintain optimum health, wellness and aesthetics is included in this program membership.


And the program is constantly updated whenever there are new advances, so you’re always getting the most-up-to assessments and treatment!



Finally… ALL Of The Help, Advice And Strategies

You NEED To Build And Maintain A Lifetime Of Vitality, Potency and Vigor Within A Single Membership!


As a member of Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program, you’ll be privy to the most comprehensive collection of men’s health & wellness-related therapies ANYWHERE!


We’ve poured all of our 30+ years of experience and training into our members-only program, giving you the best chance EVER of finally achieving your highest levels of:


  • Vitality, Potency and Vigor,

  • and going on to minimizing your risks for age related diseases,

  • rejuvenate your body,

  • sharpen your mind

  • and achieve the health & fitness goals you’ve always dreamed of.


For example, you’ll discover…

How you can minimize risk for cardiovascular and metabolic disease through an individualized diet, exercise and supplement plan.


Why hormone replacement therapy is much more than just about taking testosterone. Monitoring for testicular shrinkage, excessive estrogens and DHT (which causes hair loss and prostate problems) as well as monitoring and adjusting other hormones like thyroid, adrenal and growth hormone are just as important.


New, little known non-surgical therapies for improving or reversing erectile dysfunction.  Therapies like low intensity shockwave therapy, Priapus shot and peptide therapy are dramatically changing the landscape for the treatment of E.D.


Minimally invasive therapies like platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections into joints and soft tissue for relieving musculoskeletal pain and stiffness as well as introducing growth factors to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration..


Male-centric aesthetic procedures to give you that rested, healthy look.  If you’re working on your body, may as well work on your look!


Innovative therapies to combat hair thinning and loss like PRP, low level laser therapy, topical DHT blockers and peptide therapy.



… And that’s just a small sample of several of the little known health strategies to which you’ll enjoy privileged access.



Enjoy Access To Louis H. Esquivel, MD

Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine,

Holistic and

Male Health



We have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the most in-depth, up-to-date strategies available for succeeding with achieving peak male health…

… And in order to do that, you will be under the care of a leading voice in the Integrative Medicine Arena to help guide you!


Dr. Louis Esquivel graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in biology.  He completed his medical studies at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1986.  A Family Medicine residency was completed in 1989 at Memorial Medical Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.



10 X Your Money’s Worth?


A membership to the Male+Plus Regenerative Medicine Program is clearly an important investment for the future sake of your own personal health


but remember,


your family’s reliance on you and your future success in your profession is also dependent on this.


That’s quite an investment!



And speaking of investment . . .



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You’ll also have the opportunity to email or phone Dr. Esquivel with any questions you may have about the membership and our treatment protocols.



Inquire About Membership Now!


So now it’s time to decide…


… Will you continue to make decisions with less than HALF the information you need?


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