Holistic And Functional Medicine Services We Offer San Antonio

Dr. Esquivel – Functional & Integrative Medicine San Antonio

Holistic Medicine

  • Seeks to improve total health
  • Not just disease management
  • Focuses on natural & alternative therapies
  • But still works well with regular medicine
Dr. Esquivel – Functional & Integrative Medicine San Antonio

Anti-aging Medicine

  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Disease risk reduction
  • Customized supplementation
  • Sexual health enhancement
Dr. Esquivel – Functional & Integrative Medicine San Antonio

Functional Medicine

  • Evaluates & treats root causes of illness
  • Uses unique & comprehensive lab studies
  • Appreciates the interaction of Genes,
  • Environment & lifestyle in disease expression

Who is Dr. Esquivel?

Holistic and Functional Medicine in San Antonio

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What people are saying about Dr. Esquivel

Dr. Esquivel is truly one of a kind. He takes his time and listens to every concern, even the seemingly minor ones. His treatment protocols target the foundation of your health problems rather than just putting a bandaid on them. I feel better than I have in a very long time and I know that my health will only continue to improve under his care. Also, he is always on time. Dorothy is also very efficient, quick to respond, & a pleasure to speak with. This is how every doctor’s office should be!

Krista B

My 4 year experience with Dr. Esquivel has always been remarkable. I feel he truly cares and listens to me and wants to help in any way he can find out what will work for me to make me healthy have more energy and just enjoy life. Many of my friends have asked me what I am doing to have such great energy and look so good and I refer them to Dr. Esquivel and they also have had amazing results. If you are feeling tired and rundown do yourself a favor and book a consultation with Dr. Equivel.

Wanda C

Dr. Esquivel Rocks! When I finally made the great decision to see Dr. Esquivel, it changed my life in soooo many positive ways! His knowledge, expertise, and “bedside” manner have caused me to make wonderful, life altering changes. I highly recommend him to anyone that is ready to take control of their health/life.

Nora G

Dr. Esquivel is a gem. Dr. Esquivel makes you feel relaxed. He takes his time and listens to your health issues. He explains the therapy he will be performing. I’m glad that I chose him to treat my health issues. I have already recommended him to some of my friends. Also, Dorothy is very helpful and informative.

Sandra D