The holistic health model incorporates the entire spectrum of health disorders. This range includes all the familiar conditions conventional medicine defines as “disease” as well as the entire spectrum of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, structural and energetic system dysfunctions.

Unfortunately, the energetic aspect of our being is not recognized as a valid source of dysfunction, much less a real entity by the conventional/orthodox medical model. Methods such as traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda have long recognized a separate yet intimately related “energy body” which may be disrupted and may be a source of disease as much as the physical/physiologic body can.

Many holistic practitioners freely recognize the importance of energetic health and have developed methods to both interface with this system as well as to balance or otherwise help induce healing to it. The more modern concept of “interference fields” has developed as a modern means of referring to the sources of this dysfunction which essentially reside within the energy body.

An interesting cross-talk occurs between the energy body and the physical body such that the health of one supports the health of the other. Also possible though is the opposite; the disease of one system may (and often does) disturb the health of the other. This zone then essentially is the battle ground of “interference fields”.

Cross talk between the energy and physical body is believed to occur through the interface of the nervous system, and in particular the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Many times the normal balance or “regulation” of the ANS can be blocked by interference fields. Historically, this concept was initially recognized by a pair of German dentists at the early part of the 20th century. Quite by accident they observed how an injection of an anesthetic agent (Procaine) into an old scar produced relief of symptoms in a very distant physical location of the body.

Fast forward to the latter part of the 20th century and current time. What is now known is that injected procaine helps adjust abnormal cell membrane electrical gradients such that they function more normally. This positive effect in turn interfaces with local autonomic regulation such that the local beneficial effect improves more global balance and regulation of the ANS at large. To the degree that this positive benefit is sufficient, many seemingly unrelated or even physically distant health problems improve. The result of this was the development of the therapeutic technique called Neural Therapy.

The original German method of Neural Therapy involves local injections of procaine into various parts of the body; old scars, nerve bundles (ganglia) and organ segments. A relatively recent observation was the utility of a modern energy technology called TensCam on treating interference fields.

While TensCam’s FDA approved use is in the management of musculoskeletal pain (where it works wonderfully well), it’s “off label” use in treating interference fields is where its utility really shines. I currently use the TensCam device on a daily basis to treat interference fields as well as pain conditions. It is completely noninvasive, unlike traditional neural therapy which involves multiple injections, sometimes into areas where accidental injection or puncture could produce significant problems.

I find interference fields being a leading cause of failure of what appear to be very sound and logical treatment protocols. With the incorporation of the BAH technique (see related article), I often find Neural therapy utilizing the Tenscam device to be a significant missing piece of the treatment puzzle, without which, roadblocks to optimum holistic health prevail.