On my quest for a second opinion and an alternative medicine treatment for my thyroid  problem, I found Dr. Esquivel’s practice and I am glad I did.  Dr. Esquivel helped me not only to know more and control my thyroid problem but also to find underlying causes of my health problems.  Dr. Esquivel’s  approach to find the real underlying causes of illnesses is different than traditional medicine, and because of this my health and general wellness has improved.

Victor L.

I am a 52 year old woman and I have been under the care of Dr. Esquivel for approximately 5 years.  When I first started going to Dr. Esquivel I was overweight tired, had cystic acne and generally not feeling good.  After some labs and a couple of visits, Dr. Esquivel established I was Estrogen Dominant and that my thyroid was not in optimal range.  After tweaking these two areas with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Armour Thyroid, along with dietary  changes and exercise, I can honestly say I am feeling and looking better than I have in over 20 years.  Thanks Dr. Esquivel.

Tracy R.

I suffered from severe exhaustion and a general feeling of unwellness for about eight months.  I had seen other doctors who had no answers for me. I met with Dr. Esquivel in February of 2017.  He was very thorough, listened to my concerns and began a course of treatment to help me get back on my feet. I felt that Dr. Esquivel really cared unlike other doctors that made me feel patronized. My health has steadily improved under Dr. Esquivel’s care and I’m confident I will be back to 110% very soon.

Robin V.

I went to Dr. Esquivel for my allergies.  I had taken allergy shots for years with no relief.  Dr. Esquivel’s treatments helped tremendously. He has also helped me with a thyroid problem that the main stream doctors couldn’t.  I am very pleased with care that I have received.

Dorsey D.

  • Very satisfied with treatments – patient for 7 years.
  • Staff friendly, professional demeanor, considerate and respectful of my privacy.
  • Dr. Esquivel takes his time and I don’t feel rushed. Professional yet personable. Treatment is specifically for my needs after tests and consultation. He shows interest in my well being and answers my questions.  I feel significant results due to the treatment as I experience more energy, sleep well and have overall good health.
  • I have highly recommended Dr. Esquivel and will continue to do so.  I have great confidence in his approach to managing health issues.
Sherry E.

After seeing Dr. Esquivel the first time I immediately pictured the doctors from the distant past.  Those who were caring, compassionate, patient. Those who took the time to listen, know you and your family. Those who really dwelt on healing and all it entailed.  Dr. Esquivel has all that plus the advantage of leading edge treatment and testing.

Wanda K.

Dr. Esquivel is a kind, intelligent, well-informed doctor.  He is a very good “listener.”  He has been very PATIENT with this patient…. ME, for many years.  Several of the remedies he has prescribed have helped alleviate the chronic pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Dr. Esquivel’s office staff is very efficient and friendly.

Donna S.

I believe Dr. Esquivel to be extremely competent and knowledgeable concerning health with forward thinking supplement medicines.  I have enjoyed good health and a  result of his advice since 2006.

Edward C.

I appreciate Dr. Esquivel’s passion and curiosity for the “Journey” of healing I am undertaking.  His Knowledge support and his desire to treat me through holistic and nutritional breakthrough remedies is helping me regain my wellness.  He has a kind, loving and attentive staff that is outstanding as well.

Amparo G.

Dear Dr. Esquivel ,  Thank you and your office staff for your courteous and effective service.  You analyzed and explained my symptoms in detail, and prescribed medications that quickly and significantly  reduced my familial tremors.  This greatly improved my manual motor skills and dexterity .  Periodic pill reorders are always delivered promptly.  You and your staff are a pleasure to deal with.  Thanks,

Russell M.