The following are some of the complementary and alternative treatment methods I use in my practice.

  • Bio Resonance Analysis of Health
  • Homeopathy
  • Homotoxicology (“modern” homeopathy)
  • NAET (Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique)
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  • Neural Therapy (utilizing the TensCam device instead of injection)
  • Individualized supplementation programs based on testing
  • Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy
  • Hair mineral and heavy metal analysis
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques / Thought Field Therapy

Types of conditions treated:

I consult with patients having a wide spectrum of problems, much like any routine medical doctor would. The difference is my usage of complementary and alternative methods when appropriate. Typical patients coming to me in the past have tended to fall into one of the following categories:

  1. People who already have an interest in complementary and alternative medicine and prefer this method to conventional medicine.
  2. People who have been diagnosed with a problem that has very limited treatment options or who are for various reasons disenchanted with conventional medical treatment.
  3. People who have a problem yet undiagnosed and untreated despite a thorough conventional medical workup.

Levels of Health and Healing
Body, Mind and Spirit.

You’ve probably heard these words used many times as a description of the different aspects of a person; physical, mental and spiritual. What you may not have heard of or experienced is a medical approach that takes these aspects into consideration when evaluating a level of health or disease.

Many different healing traditions both ancient and contemporary have attempted to do this with varying degrees of success. In like manner, I have adopted this approach in assessing nearly all patients who come to me seeking a complementary and alternative approach to their health.

While there are different labels for this general approach; the one I have settled on is “Levels of Health”.
From this perspective, there are actually five levels one could consider:

Level 1 deals with physical and physiologic issues.
Level 2 deals with energetic disturbances.
Level 3 is the realm of the mind and emotions.
Level 4 is the level of the intuition.
Level 5 is related to your relationship to God (or ultimate Truth, Source, Creative energy, etc. given your personal philosophy).

In practice, the first three levels are within the potential reach of most physicians and other healing practitioners. It is within these first three levels where I focus my attention in evaluating patients.

Each level evaluates a specific set of problems and uses unique tools for that level both to understand and to treat their individual disturbances.

Please explore the side links to learn more about each level of health and the methods I use to evaluate them as well as potential treatments.

Disturbances on this level relate to problems with the body’s basic structure and function. Standard medical evaluations and treatment address problems on this level well. However, other healing methods such as chiropractic, osteopathic, nutrition/supplements and herbology also apply.

A few of the methods and treatment options I use on this level are as follows.

  • Functional laboratory evaluation Evaluates early indicators of organ stress or compensation long before an established disease process takes hold.
  • Neurotransmitter biomarker assessment Neurotransmitters are the chemicals your nervous system uses to communicate to itself and the rest of the body. Levels can be easily measured from urine samples and help assess a wide variety of problems that interface with the nervous system.
  • Hormone evaluation
    Male and female hormone assessment and bioequivalent replacement therapy is offered for men and women suffering from menopause or andropause.
  • Nutritional assessments I use an in depth questionnaire coupled with functional lab assessment to determine individual nutritional needs. Specific lab tests that measure vitamin and mineral levels, metabolic systems, gastrointestinal function as well as other more sophisticated studies can be ordered as needed.

Energy medicine involves the appreciation of fields of energy, so called “biofields” that circulate through and surround our physical bodies. Some of these fields can be measured by modern means and are called “veritable” whereas others cannot be measured, at least through conventional scientific means, and are called “putative”.

A few examples of veritable fields include those that are measured by MRI scanners (magnetic fields), EKG and EEG machines (electrical potentials) and other methods. An easily recognized method of “energy therapy” if this type might be the use of lasers, radiation therapy and light therapy.

A few examples of putative fields include the various forms of vital energy defined by many traditional healing methods such as traditional Chinese medicine and “chi”, Eastern Medicine and “prana”, and Homeopathic medicine and “vital force”. Many other techniques both modern and traditional exist. Each style has its own diagnostic methods and therapies which are meant to both determine the degree to which the energies are dysfunctional and which therapy might be corrective.

While the exact nature of energy fields and their means of interaction with our physical bodies has not been determined to the satisfaction of many modern scientists, THE RESULTS of the use of these methods has. So, in many of the putative energy methods, studies have shown significant benefit. More than a placebo response for many of the systems has been shown.

I make use of both veritable and putative energy fields in both assessing and in applying therapies for given conditions.
The following are examples of putative energy systems I make use of in my practice.

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques: This is a method making use of techniques borrowed from Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine to both identify and neurtralize allergies and other energetic sensitivities.

Homeopathic Medicine: This method uses symptom analysis as the prime means of determining imbalance and remedy choice. It assumes disease is promoted by a general disruption of the fundamental vitality of the person which is in turn reflected in the subtle nature of symptoms. I make use of both the classical and modern approaches.

Bioenergetic Profiling: This refers to an in office test device I use to measure changes in skin resistance over acupuncture points. This test is based on previous research which was able to define traditional acupuncture points by their decreased resistance to electrical flow as opposed to surrounding skin. Other subsequent researchers developed methods to assess meridian function on these readings. I use these measurements as one means to assess relative stresses on the meridian energy system.

This level of health acknowledges the influence of one’s mental and emotional state on health and disease. Factors such as mood, expectancy, coping skills, stress management and behavior have been shown to be significant predictors of outcomes in many clinical situations. Numerous methods fall under this category including; relaxation, hypnosis, visual imagery, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, tai chi, qi gong, cognitive-behavioral therapies, group therapy, autogenic training and spirituality.

I encourage all my patients to consider incorporating any one or a few of these methods into part of their daily health maintenance routine or for specific health issues. A unique method I use in my practice to help treat a wide variety of emotionally based symptoms is the Emotional Freedom Technique, or “EFT” for short. This technique actually could be classified as an energetic technique since it involves tapping on meridian points on the body while affirming a given emotion, feeling or thought. EFT is very simple to learn but quite powerful in effect. I frankly believe everyone should learn and use EFT.

The resources page of this website has a link to the World Center for EFT. I strongly encourage you to visit it and download their free introductory booklet. While EFT is a very accessible self help method, I will often guide patients through the process in my office depending on their situation, as an external observer can often bring clarity and focus to the root of a problem.

A brief listing of some of the conditions I have successfully treated with EFT include: Anxiety, fears, phobias, anger, sadness, general stress, migraine headaches and bed wetting.