Holistic specialists believe that any illness you may experience is the result of an imbalance of your energy. Holistic healing is a method that brings the whole being into balance and acts to correct any imbalances. A holistic doctor in San Antonio could help you get back your energy levels and flow to normal.

The Principles of Holistic Medicine

One of the beliefs on which holistic medicine is based is that unconditional love and support are the most powerful healers. Also, it is believed that a person is ultimately responsible for his or her health. Other principles of holistic therapy include:

  • The patient is not at a disease but a person.
  • Treatment includes taking care of the causes of the illness and not only treating the symptoms.
  • Healing involves a team approach that includes both the patient and the healer.
  • Healing includes all aspects of a person’s life, and it uses a variety of healthcare practices.
  • All people have innate healing abilities.

The Methods of Holistic Healing

Natural healing involves embracing the wisdom of life, with both its painful and joyful parts. The field of natural medicine is very broad. Many times, when the traditional methods fail to treat the symptoms, natural medicine still has many resources to deal with the problem. Holistic healing can help you become healthier and more at peace with yourself and the energy in the universe. Natural medicine is based on the chemical combinations that nature has already made. Traditional medicine is based on the substances that sometimes can be harmful to our bodies, as they’re mostly man made. Rather than appealing to surgery and medicines, holistic methods look for answers in nature. The healing process will focus on a certain treatment for a particular disease, just like traditional medicine but only by harnessing natural remedies. If you are interested in being healed the natural way, consider a holistic doctor appointment in San Antonio today.