Few countries around the world are well known for their energy medicine. The Japanese, Africans, Indians, Native Americans, and Chinese have made practical use of it. Energy medicine in San Antonio can offer you many effective solutions to the health problems you may experience. We are all exposed to the hazards of the polluted world. These elements can easily affect our health. A holistic specialist in San Antonio can present you with the right energy medicine methods to deal with your illness. There are three rules a patient of energy medicine should follow. By respecting these rules, you will be able to gain the maximum benefits from energy medicine. You can work with all the below categories of energy medicine at one time.

  • Remedies that are taken orally. These include homeopathic medicines, astrology drops, gemstone medicine remedies, Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, and essential oils.
  • Instruments that you place on your body or apply in your body’s aura. These could be pendants, therapeutic gemstone necklaces, color cards, and various types of wands, crystals, and unique objects.
  • Therapies that are performed by a practitioner or are self-applied. These include reiki, chi, prana, acupressure, gemstone therapy, and cranial-sacral therapy. A holistic specialist in San Antonio will know everything about these methods.

Why Consider the Three Categories Mentioned Above?

Three is the maximum number of remedies, tools, and therapies you could work with, as more than three can cause an imbalance in the energies of your body.

Commit to the Remedies, Therapies, and Tools of Your Choice 

Use an energy tool or remedy for at least one to three months. A three-month period is preferable. After this, you can decide if you are willing to stick with it or not. Remember that your body needs regular doses of treatment before it reflects positive energy improvements.