The hair mineral analysis is provided as a part of the holistic therapy San Antonio in order to assess the mineral deficiencies and metal toxicities. Hair is one of the body parts that eliminate minerals and heavy metals out of the body. By studying the ratio of mineral deposits in the hair, the overall health condition of an individual can be assessed easily. Read on to find out what are the major benefits of the analysis.

  • Hair mineral analysis reveals too much

Hair mineral analysis is a screening test that can be used to show some factors like heavy metal toxicity, metabolic rate, mental health issues, protein synthesis rate, and organ stress and so on. In short, the test reveals a clear picture of the patient’s body chemistry.

  • Minerals are important

One of the main aims of the hair mineral analysis is to balance the mineral levels in the body. Minerals participate in almost every enzymatic reaction in the body and keeping all minerals in the recommended levels forms the base of good health.

  • Paves the way for improving the nutritional status of the individual

Hair mineral analysis is rightly placed under the category of holistic healing San Antonio as it focuses on balancing the biochemistry of the individual. This is achieved through an enhanced diet plan, supplement therapy and detoxification techniques. These changes result in enhanced cognitive power, increased stress resilience and the right metabolic rate in the individual.

The accuracy and validity of the hair mineral analysis and must be duly considered to achieve the best benefits of the holistic therapy plan.